“Sighurdan: Tradition & Fire” will take place in Andrew’s campaign setting, prior to both of his games and set in Sighurdan. The game will put the PCs into the environment and series of events that led to the influx of refugees into Rhondaine, which in turn set into motion the building of the Grand Road.

What happens to Sighurdan is a foregone conclusion; however, in the spirit of Andrew’s games, “Sighurdan: Tradition & Fire” will also lean toward a sandbox style. For this reason, the game will be more enjoyable if the PCs start out with strong motivations and the players are willing to immerse themselves in the world. To help in this, I will be adding relevant world information to the wiki here. If you have any specific questions or input, let me know.

Also, since we are learning a new system (RuneQuest 6th edition) for this game, I will also be putting up guides and references for getting started, as well as whatever elements I add to the game mechanics to tailor it to our setting. I can also give you access to the rulebook.

Sighurdan: Tradition & Fire

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