Sighurdan (Sighur : [siˈɣʊɾðan]~[siˈjuɾdan]; Rhondo-Fulgrathian : [sɪˈgɚɾ(ⁿ)n̩]~[sɨˈgə:dn̩]) is the name of both the coastal region and the political entity that borders Rhondaine to the northwest and Fulgrath to the west. The region (but, at least in contemporary parlance, not the nation) may also be referred to as Tarvishath (Sighur : Tarvışada [ˌt̪ɑɾβɨˈʃɑðɑ]~[…vɪˈʃɑdɑ]; Rhondo-Fulgrathian : [ˈtʰɑɹvɪˌʃæθ]~[ˈtʰa:vɨ…]).


The name “Sighurdan” is made of up the morphemes /sighur/, /-(y)di/ and /-an/. It is an ethnicism, describing the region as the area where the Sighurdi ethnic group resides (the “Sighurdi,” of course, being “those who speak Sighur”). The typical (and etymologically false) Sighur word for Rhondaine (Rhondán) is constructed similarly and also breaks down in such a way. Also, while the Sighurdi refer to both Rhondanians and Fulgrathians as Rhondí, no corresponding root word is attested in Rhondo-Fulgrathian.

“Tarvishath” (Tarvışada) is a reference to a historical person and means “the domain of Tarvis.” Tarvis was one of the Great Conqueror’s generals, and modern Sighurdan was the satrap given to him for governance in antiquity. The name of Fulgrath is derived in the same way from Fulgra, another of these generals. Whereas “Fulgrath” retains practical usage, “Tarvishath” is generally confined to historical accounts and quaint patriotic expressions.

Physical Geography

Sighurdan’s borders are defined by the western coast and by surrounding mountain ranges. Barring a few rough passes, the western border with Fulgrath is entirely blocked off by mountains. Likewise, the north and the south can only be traversed along the coast. In the extreme southeast a more sizable pass leads into Rhondaine.

Inner Sighurdan is fairly diverse in terms of terrain. The south is dominated by dry plains, while the east and north are more forested. The northeast is very hilly; rainfall flowing down from this area creates many rivers and lakes throughout northern and central Sighurdan.

Political Geography


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