Combat Styles

All of this is subject to change.

As combat is not necessarily a major focus of the campaign, available Combat Styles will be relatively simple.

You have the option to gain and improve a Combat Style during any stage of character creation. If you choose a Combat Style during the “culture” stage, you must improve it by at least 5%, as other culture-derived skills. You may choose multiple styles if each is chosen during separate stages of character creation.

When you choose a combat style, choose two weapons included in the style. You receive a +10% bonus to rolls when using these two weapons. If you have two styles with overlapping weapons, use your highest skill.

Axes & Bludgeons

Weapons Included: Battleaxe, Club, Flail, Greataxe, Greatclub, Greathammer, Hatchet, Mace, Military flail, all shields

Daggers & Swords

Weapons Included: Broadsword, Dagger, Falchion, Greatsword, Knife, Longsword, Scimitar, Shortsword, all shields

Exotic Weapons

Weapons Included: Atlatl, Ball-and-chain, Blowgun, Bolas, Chain, Discus, Garrotte, Military pick, Net, all shields


Weapons Included: Glaive/Rhompaia, Halberd/Poleaxe, Lance, Longspear, Pike/Sarissa, Quarterstaff, Shortspear, Trident, all shields

Ranged Weapons

Weapons Included: Heavy crossbow, Light crossbow, Longbow, Recurve bow, Shortbow, Sling, Staff sling

Siege Weapons

Weapons Included: Ballista, Couillard, Mangonel, Onager, Scorpion, Trebuchet

Thrown Weapons

Weapons Included: Dagger, Dart, Hatchet, Javelin, Shortspear, Stone/rock, trident

Combat Styles

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