Fulgrath (Rhondo-Fulgrathian: [ˈfʊɫgɹ(ʷ)æθ], Sighur: Folgrada [fo̞lˈgɾɑðɑ]~[…dɑ]) most often refers to the kingdom that lies north of Rhondaine and is separated from Sighurdan by mountains to the west. As a purely regional, geographical term, however, it traditionally includes Rhondaine as well.


“Fulgrath” is a reference to Fulgra, one of the Great Conqueror’s generals who was given the area covered by modern Fulgrath and Rhondaine as her satrap once the empire was established. Etymologically, Fulgrath means “Fulgra’s domain.” The politics of the region has changed dramatically since then, but the name has remained in use. An alternate name for Sighurdan, “Tarvishath,” is similarly derived from the name of Tarvis, another of the Great Conqueror’s generals.



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